§Clanime - Happy Time Ranger Super Lasty Show

Having trouble viewing? Check it out on YouTube.

A special message from StickLord mastermind Hoggle:

This is a short I did entirely in the free animation application Pencil with compositing done in Shake. It is basically having fun with the anime genre with a huge nod to Inuyasha. The characters are players in the MMORPG Clan Lord (Check out the free demo!)

This is me pushing Pencil as far as my skills are currently able to. If you are interested in animation be sure to check it out. I want to give a HUGE thanks to Rina-chan for her voicework. Rina-chan and other excellent voice actor/actresses can be found at the Voice Acting Club — I highly recommend them as a great resource for your animation voicing needs. Also, a final thanks to Skirwan for his awesome webpagery and little ideas (such as Bi-ru!) that seem to find their way into several of my animations.