§Final Fentasy

To Play: [SPACE], [UP], [DOWN]

With the release of the Clan Lord development tools, Sticktendo is proud to announce this bold re-imagining of the world of Shan Deral. Featuring a host of popular Clan Lord characters and also Hoggle, Final Fentasy is guaranteed to delight!

Witness great moments in Puddleby history:
* Daimoth's arrival in Puddleby
* Daimoth's first vanquish!
* Daimoth's first rank!
* That time Maeght did that thing
* How Daimoth met Lorikeet
* When Cody killed Measle with a well-aimed cross-sn'ell uncharged mega buster blast
* You don't remember that? Seriously, where have you been?

Now with 200% less Zynx!