§SNN: Phroon Thoom Reporting

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There are no easter eggs on the final scene.
Anyone who says otherwise is a filthy liar.

This landmark episode introduced T'rool Ambassador Gaak, found one of the most popular StickLord characters ever in an informal poll of the person writing this summary. Fans have called him StickLord's Boba Fett, alluding to a character in the cult-classic StickLord parody 'Star Wars' that went on to be far more popular than the primary protagonists.

Fun Fact: The only characters to appear in every SNN broadcast are Phroon and R2D2.

If you didn't notice Phroon in the Planar Warming PSA, that's because you're blind. Your mother and I have been discussing how to break the news to you. She wanted to print it on a slip of paper and hide it in a fortune cookie the next time we had Chinese, but I pointed out to her that that was a somewhat insensitive way of telling you and besides you wouldn't be able to read it because you're frakking blind. So now you know.