Following a difficult production, Attack of the Orga was released on September 30, 2006, and received mixed reviews from critics, though it has since grown in esteem to become one of the most well-regarded chapters of the saga and one of the most highly rated films in history.

Though it has never been explicitly acknowledged, it is considered an 'open secret' amongst StickLord aficionados that Episode 2 was not in fact the second StickLord episode produced. Rather, Attack of the Orga was produced at approximately the same time as the original SNN production run and retroactively inserted into the memory of every living person sometime in late 2008 using a powerful spell.

The memory-modification spell was in fact so powerful that it incidentally resulted in the destruction of Lunus, the Earth's second moon. Faced with this accidental destruction, the StickLord production mages chose to perform a second, even more powerful spell to eradicate all human memory of Lunus. Though this spell performed as intended, it had the unintended side effect of erasing the island civilization of Atlantis from history and severely disrupting all memory of the same.

Savvy StickLord fans have since realized that this memory-modification debacle can be useful in detecting the undead; as only living beings were affected by the alteration, beings that were dead at the time but have since risen will reveal themselves in the belief that Episode 3 was produced prior to Episode 2, that the Earth has a second moon, and that Atlantis existed.

Time-traveling StickLord fans working as writers on the television series Angel in 2003 used this factoid as the basis for a brief plot arc in season four of the hit series.