The critically-acclaimed animated classic that started it all.

Originally released as simply 'Tanks 4 U', the full title was expanded to 'StickLord Episode 1: Tanks 4 U' following the release of the sequel and the reissue of the original on high-definition HD cassette tape. 'T4U', as StickLord fans have affectionately nicknamed the piece, provided the world its first introduction to the StickLord universe, a glimpse that would inspire the sale of millions of dollars' worth of home videos, clothing, and toy merchandise.

As the original print of T4U was stolen by a time-traveling cybernetic chicken in 1947 following the second robot civil war in a since-aborted timeline, the only remaining record of this classic feat of cinema is a poor-quality YouTube transcription. StickLord Media Interplanar licenses the video to Google for the nominal sum of $1 Canadian per year to ensure that this outstanding film remains accessible for generations to come.